Диалоги на английском – геграфия 01

Диалоги на английском

Диалоги на английском – прекрасная возможность для начинающих преодолеть языковой барьер, потренировать восприятие на слух и выучить новые слова. Первая часть по теме “География”. Представьте, что вы разговариваете с незнакомым человеком, к примеру, в поезде.

A: Excuse me. What country are you from?
B: Oh, I live in Canada. I’m Canadian.
A: Is Canada a big country?
B: Yes — it’s very big.
A: And what is the capital?
B: The capital city is Ottawa.
A: Oh, how do you spell that?
B: O—T~T—A—W—A.
A: What countries border on Canada?
B: Oh, we are next to the USA.
A: And is the national language English?
B: We have two national languages — English and French. Canadians from Quebec speak French.
A: That’s very interesting, thank you.
B: You’re welcome.
A: Excuse me. Can I ask where you are from”?
B: Oh, I’m from Singapore.
A: Can you spell that for me?
B: Yes, it’s S~I—I\I—G—A—P—O—R~E.
A: Is Singapore a big country?
B: No — it’s a small island.
A: And what is the capital city?
B: Oh that’s easy to remember — it’s
A: And what countries are near
B: Our nearest neighbour is Malaysia.
That’s M—A—l_–A-Y-S-l~A.
A: And what languages do you speak in
B: We speak English and Chinese.
A: Oh, that’s great — thank you.
B: It’s a pleasure. ‘Bye’.

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