Читаем на английском — The story of Coca-Cola


In 1886 John Pemberton, a druggist, invented a new type of syrup, using coca leaves, sugar and cola nuts, plus a few other secret ingredients! Pemberton sold it as a medicine; and with its coca (the source of cocaine), it must have made people feel good!
Nevertheless, Pemberton’s medicine was not very successful, so he sold his secret formula to another druggist, Asa Candler. Candler was interested because he had another idea; he thought that Pemberton’s «medicine» would be much better if it was with soda.
Before long, other people became interested in the product, including a couple of businessmen who wanted to sell it in bottles. Candler sold them a licence to bottle the drink, and very quickly the men became millionaires. The famous bottle, with its very distinctive shape, was designed in 1916.
Today, Coca-Cola is made in countries all over the world, including Russia and China; it is the world’s most popular drink.
As for the famous formula, it is probably the world’s most valuable secret!Today’s Coca-Cola contains caffeine, but in 1903 it was a drug, and too dangerous.

Проверим слова:

  • a druggist — аптекарь, фармацевт
  • distinctive — характерный
  • valuable — ценный
  • to contain — содержать
  • a drug — наркотик
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