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The Science Museum in London is one of the top ten tourist attractions in the UK, with
1.6 million visitors a year. It presents science, technology, medicine and industry in an exciting, informative and relaxed way. Here are some of its exhibitions, most of which, like the museum itself, are free. 🔹Who am I? What makes you cleverer than a chimpanzee? What makes you smile? What makes you you? Find out in this fascinating exhibition. Discover what your voice sounds like as a member of the opposite sex, and watch your face change as you get older! 🔹Collider the world have created the LHC, which is discovering the secrets of our universe. Be amazed by the science, see history being made! Adult tickets are £10 and teenagers under 16 pay £7. 🔹3D: printing the future This surprising exhibition shows how 3D printers are turning computer data into physical objects. Explore the future of industry and medicine – and will 3D printing change your shopping experience? 🔹Launchpad This gallery has over fifty interactive exhibits from the wonderful world of physics. At Icy Bodies you can watch carbon dioxide turn from a solid into a gas. On the Light Table you can bounce light rays about with mirrors, and break the rays into rainbows.


  • astonishing — шокирующий
  • opposite — противоположный
  • to collide — сталкиваться
  • data — данные
  • to bounce — подпрыгивать
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